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    Setting "default-reports" and "non-default-reports"

    . Vasic

      Hello Guys,


      I would like to know, if there is an option to create default-reports?


      And if someone fills the report and changes some basic parts, the report gets marked automaticly as a non-default-report.


      I'm not sure if I explained my idea very well, so please tell me if not.


      Thanks in advance!




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          khalid norat

          I'm not sure what your requirement is Need more information.


          But maybe the following can answer your question



          Scenario 1,


          You develop and publish a report with default filters.


          User changes filters and is able to save this custom filtered view as his own custom view.



          Scenario 2


          You develop and publish a report


          another developer downloads and edits and re publishes the report


          In this case the old report gets over written. But with the new versioning functionality available I think from tableau server 9.3 onwards you can access previous versions of dashboards.


          Hope this helps.


          If neither of these answer your question please explain in more detail the scenario and desired requirement

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            . Vasic

            Hi Khalid,


            thanks for your reply. I'll try to explain my idean a little bit furter.




            I define a dashboard with certain metrics and just certain data can be used for it.


            Now the user changes one of this metrics e.g. removing the most important graphic, or loads the wrong data.


            Is the system able to detect this and to mark the report now as "non-report"?



            I hope I made my question a little bit more understandable.


            Thank you for your help!

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              Luciano Vasconcelos

              It's clear your requirement.

              Unfortunately Tableau doesn't check user mistakes.

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                Mark Fraser

                Hi Stefan


                There isn't direct support for this...

                The best way to manage for now would be through user permissions,

                User permissions i mean provide end users lower permissions so they can edit but not save for example

                Another option would be to distribute the packaged workbooks instead - then they have there own local copy they can amend as they wish, will the master/ default is retained elsewhere...

                and/or through some way of versioning.


                I couldn't find anything directly related but a couple of threads touch on similar themes

                Is there a way to source control Tableau?

                Version Control & Point-in-time Recovery of Tableau ServerDataboss


                Less likely

                Say Hello to Versioning in Tableau 9.3 | Tableau Software


                Maybe one for the ideas section >> Ideas


                Toby Erkson, any additional thoughts/ ideas?




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                  Toby Erkson

                  There is no simple way to determine if a report has been altered.  With version 9.3 you can look at the version in the Revision History but that's a administration pain in the tushie.


                  • You can publish a report to the Tableau Server and allow users to Web Edit it.  If they do not have Save permission then they can play with the report but will be unable to save it, thus it keeps the original report safe from being altered.
                    • Alternately, you can give the users Web Edit and Download Workbooks/Save As and that will allow them to alter the report and save their version.  The original report will not be altered.
                  • If users are simply needing to change filters/parameters for their particular needs then give them Shared Customized so they can save their altered view of the report.  They can make it private (only they can see the custom view) or public (anyone can see the custom view).  The original report cannot be altered so it's safe.
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