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    Formulas are randomly "freezing" on a specific value until edited

    Joshua Kataoka

      Example : IIF(([A] AND [#B]> 0),  ([$C]), 0) will "freeze" on a set value across my workbooks. Modifying this formula with a simple space will "unfreeze" the formula and it will begin working correctly again. I have about 8 formulas this happens across and have been unable to find a resolution anywhere online...


      • This does not occur 100% of the time
      • I'm using a bundled workbook & extract
      • workbooks are set to autoupdate
      • other formulas are working correctly
      • the problem persists even after publication


      I have a ticket open with support but figured I would try here as well.

      Support has replied and there is a known Tableau Defect filed for this issue. The exact text of the Defect report filed for this issue is:

      "Calculated Fields Based on Sets Based on Parameters Are Materialized in Extract Unexpectedly"


      What is occurring is that when the Extract is taken of this data source, the results of the Calculated Field are written to the Extract at the currently selected parameter value. They should not be, as they are dependent on a parameter (albeit indirectly).


      The easy to implement workaround creates a 'dummy' parameter that these calculated fields directly reference, which prevents Tableau from materializing these results in the extract, resulting in the normal updating of the fields.


      As an example, simply create an integer parameter named [one] with a value of 1. Then multiple any/all of the materialized or "frozen" formulas by [one] to force the refresh. Ex. IIF(([A] AND [#B]> 0),  ([$C]), 0)*[one]