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    Printing options

    Martin Stark

      Hi There,


      sorry, for disturbing the community again.

      My managment asked me, if it's possible, when printing a report, to include informations like report name, role of the user, user name, what kind of marking/selection I've done and what filter selections I used, date, time..?

      Is the tabcmd option on the server an option for this or what is possible ootb? There are printing and page setup options, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for.


      Thx martin

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          Joe Oppelt

          Are those things displayed on your real-time dashboard when the user hits the print button?  If not, then it's not going to get into the PDF or whatever they're using to get a printout.


          And if you don't want them displayed real-time, but want them on the printed version, you could create a parallel copy of the dashboard with the extra stuff added in.  Publish that dashboard, but don't have it as part of the real-time experience.  Create a dummy sheet that will act as a PRINT button, and put a hyperlink action on it.  In the hyperlink URL, pass all the required parameter and filter settings.  And add ".PDF" right after the dashboard name.  This will create a PDF of the special dashboard that can be printed.

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            Martin Stark

            Hey Joe,


            thakns for this. Try that and give you feedback, if I bring it to work.