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    Can you combine a symbol and filled map with different geographic dimensions?

    Luke Sirakos

      Let's say I have two geographic dimesions.  One is in regards to the location of a customer by zip code and the other is the different stores those customers shop in.  The first is a simple zip code while the other is exact lat/lon points for the store locations.  I want to create a filled map with the customer data showing the different zip codes colored by number of customers residing in each.  Then I want to show a symbol map on top showing the store locations and the corresponding activity.  However, since the lat/lon are different for these (a customer can shop in a store accross the city or state) I don't think this is possible.


      I have seen examples of how to make a dual axis map but those rely on the data representing the same locations.  Is what I am talking about possible or would it require two different maps and for them to not be overlayed?


      I attached a workbook with the two maps I would like to overlay.  It is a very crude example but it should demostrate the purposes well enough, a picture of the two is below.  I would like the filled map to remain as is but have the locations for the stores plotted on top of it.


      Dashboard 1.png