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    Bringing the legend back to the dashboard

    Boopesh Jayabalaji

      I pulled a sheet to the dashboard. But deleted the legend assuming i might not want it. But Now i dont know how to bring it back. Everytime i having to delete the map and then pull the entire sheet again.


      New to Tableau. Hoping to get a lot of help from the community.




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          Rajeev Pandey

          Dear Boopesh,

          We all are learning here So dont hesitate to ask question if you have any confusion.Please find the below solution and let me know if you need any help . If this answers your question please mark the answer as correct and close the thread so that others also get benefit from it.

          With the below process you can get,

          Color,Shape and Size legends.


          If you want filter select filter , you will get your desired filters also

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