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    Filtering what is shown on a table by percentage of total

    Melissa Fanucci

      Hi again!


      Ok so my newest challenge is to figure out how to simplify this table of people's origins and destinations across the U.S. Canada border. I want to show only the origin/destination pairs that are greater than .20%... otherwise I want the rest to be combined in the "Other" categories.

      8-10-2016 4-17-47 PM.jpg

      I'm using the count of the records and the dimensions Megaorigin and Megadestination. I have the percentage by pane showing on the table. And I'm filtering out the counts for records that are under 10, but that still doesn't get me down to a single-screen table.


      Ideas for how to simplify this view and roll records up into an "other" ?


      Thanks so much, as always.