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    Frustration with calculation formatting

    Melissa Fanucci

      Hi all,

      I'm sure what I'm trying to do is really simple but I can't for the life of me figure out the syntax to correctly query my data.


      I have volumes of vehicles that are given a dimension called "mode." This mode is either car, bus, NEXUS, or truck.

      I want to create a new measure called "Passenger Vehicles" that includes the volumes of only the car and NEXUS records.


      I get doing this:


      IF [Mode]="NEXUS" THEN[Volume]



      But what if I want to add one more category? Something like:


      IF [Mode]="NEXUS"

      OR IF [Mode]="CAR" THEN [Volume]



      (I know the OR IF is wrong, but something that would serve this purpose)

      How would I write that?

      Sorry for such a silly question, but I honestly can't find a solution for something this simple! If anyone has a good reference guide for basic calculation syntax, send me a link!