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    First three values by date, for different date

    Anna Chan



      I have a data set that has multiple values which have multiple start dates, is it possible get the sum of the first three values? Please let me know.




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          Shinichiro Murakami

          I'm quite uncertain I understand your request, but anyway here should be some hint.

          If possible, please attach your packaged workbook (***.twbx) for us to study further more.


          I created sample data, in this case, we want to sum up 2016/1/1~2016/3/1.

          The answer should be 2229 which is show as Running_sum on 2016/3/1.


          At the same time I added [First] calculated field as index.




          Now when you try to get the number of 2229 without any dates on column, you can put the formula like this.


          [First Three Values]

          Window_sum(if [First]>=-2 then sum([Value]) END)



          Then the number is shown in worksheet 3.

          with unchecking Show header of Start Date and filtering only 0 for "Firs" as filter.






          9.1 attached.