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    Fiscal Months and YOY comparision

    Julia Hennelly

      I am very close to what I want to achieve but am missing the final point to achieve what I need.  We use fiscal months for sales so in the example attached I am looking at month going from July 28th through August 27th as my MTD which I need to compare with LMTD.  In Sheet 2 I use day and am able to compare years by putting year on the color shelf BUT I really need the axis to go from Day 28 to day 31 and then start at 1.  On Daily Sales I have what I need but want to overlay this year over last year.  In this case I am using custom month/day/year.  I would like exactly that sheet but using month day - I just can not seem to get that going.  So sheet 2 is desired result with the bottom axis as in daily sales.  I am attaching a packaged workbook.


      Thanks for any help,


      Daily Sales.pngSheet 2.png

      Need axis form this one (without year) with overlay as in sheet 2.