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    Employee Performance by number of performing years

    Jeffrey Canham

      Hi everyone,


      Tableau newcomer here! Appreciate all the help the community has given thus far, but I'm stuck. I'm trying to come up with a graph that shows employee performance by year of their employment to show the standard growth that they/we can expect, but I don't have a column in the company database for "Number of years employed." If so, it would be a simple "Employee Years Employed" by "Commission Production."


      What I am working with for fields:

      * Year commission was signed

      * Year commission is expected to be paid

      * Employee Name

      * Commission Amount


      Is there any way to assign an employee a "First year commission was booked" as a "base" number, then use that to factor how much they can expect to bring in over the years following that number?


      I apologize if this is confusing. Appreciate all the help in advance!