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    Filtering data from data source1 based on other data source2 input

    Baji Bonam

      Please find attached a simplified workbook of what I am trying to achieve. In short, I have two data sources – one sales and one user info.


      The sales database is always an extract, whereas user database is a ‘live connection’ to the database. When a user logs in I will first authenticate and authorize and then determine whether the user is an admin and if not, their region.


      See the calculated field – Region filter


      iif(attr([Region])=[Region info from live DB]

      or ([Region info from live DB]="Admin" and attr([Sheet1 (live user info)].[Isadmin])="Y"),




      The user db will only have one row from the below at any given time.




      When I am trying to apply this filter in the view then it always fails for some reason. I tried using the concepts of blending but wasn’t helpful.


      All that I need is the data to be filtered based on the live connection to user details data and using an extract for real sales data.


      Any suggestions to solve this and/or alternate approaches are greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks