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    Sandy Wolfkind



      Why is sorting so difficult in Tableau .. the options seems to hiding somewhere not usually not in the same place ... I right click on the column sometimes I find and some times I don't


      for example below , I don't see sort


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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Sandy,

          Tableau doesn't give us the pill sort option for primary dimensions & secondary measures, nor for secondary dimensions and not for sorting dimensions based on table calculations.

          Can you please confirm  Are you using any sort of  data blending where the date comes from primary and the measure from secondary.


          What you can do here just press Control + right click -drag your date field onto a shelf and select the week() option you will get the dates without a drill-down option along with "Sort" option.

          Hope this Helps

          Sorting Issue.gif

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            Sandy Wolfkind

            Yes I am using a columns based off of data blending and data blending where the date comesand the measure from secondary.. is that a concern?


            I do the same and still don't see sort

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              Rajeev Pandey

              Hi Sandy,

              Sorting is a big deal, and it is very nuanced, and mostly not documented in Tableau, it is not straightforward or directly controllable in some situations.As I mentioned earlier .Tableau sorting will not behave as expected in case of Blending.


              The below solution is just to sort the aggregated measures .


              - Create a calculated field "Total for Sort" with the formula PREVIOUS_VALUE(-WINDOW_SUM([your aggregate measure))).

              - Drag this to the Level of Detail Shelf, set the Compute Using to be on the Date dimension (Started in your case), and change the pill to be discrete (blue).

              - Drag the pill from the Level of Detail Shelf to the Rows Shelf to the left of the Resolution Jira dimension.


              Note : **As your measure is count of (Source of JIRA), there might be a probability it wont allow you  to sort a secondary dimension