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    Auto-resize dashboard size?

    Rob Rimmer



      I have a very simply dashboard that shows itemised sales data in a crosstab (customer name, cost to customer, etc) with the ability to change purchase month and customer. The dashboard also contains a smaller crosstab that shows the number of items in a particular set based upon the filters mentioned earlier. The dashboard is published to Tableau Server for use in providing itemised invoicing for customers; the user selects the month they wish to use, the customer and then saves a copy as a PDF.

      This all works fine, but due to the difference in sales volumes to different customers the dashboard needs to vary in size to prevent items being cut off (the container not being big enough to fit the entire crosstab in without scrolling) or from saving a PDF with a number of blank pages on.

      Is it possible to have a contain resize based on it's contents, and a dashboard resize based on the size of a container in it?