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    Combination Chart with 3 measures

    Mahima Shetty

      How do i make a combination chart with 3 measures? I have Targets, Achievement figures & Achievement %?

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          Andrew Watson

          Difficult to say with the limited information provided. If comparing against a target a bullet chart is generally a good one: Bullet Graphs

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            Rajeev Pandey

            Hi Mahima,

            I am just taking the Sample Superstore as an example . Just replace your measures with the below measures . You will get the desired Result.

            Use dual axes and the Measure Values field. This example uses Superstore sample data to show Profit, Sales and Shipping Cost. 

            1. Drag Region to Columns.
            2. Drag SUM(Sales) to Rows.
            3. Drag Measure Names to Filters. Select Profit and Shipping Cost, then click OK.
            4. Drag Measure Values to Rows.
            5. Right-click Measure Values on the Rows shelf and select Dual axis.
            6. Select Sales on the Marks card and format marks as desired.
            7. Select Measure Names on the Marks card and format as desired.

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