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    Why don't I have the option to attach content to a Reply?  Where's the Correct Answer button?

    Toby Erkson


      I discovered something new thanks to new user Stephen Lynch.  Here's the conversation that started it and if you're in Threaded Mode then you can see Stephen's conundrum and what the cause was:  Re: Formatting Date Time


      Three Ways to Edit a Reply

      (and why don't they use the same editor?)

      If you are in your Inbox Interactions reading posts and come to one that you want to reply to you can by clicking on the Reply link that is on the bottom left side of each message:

      When you click on it you will see a text editor:

      This is a limited editor in that it is missing the ability to switch over to the advanced editor that allows you to attach a file i.e. this is not the regular editor.  Notice how the upper right corner of the editor box is empty


      Get into the Regular Editor

      In order to get the regular editor you need to reply to the post in the thread itself.  To get to the exact post that's in your Inbox Interactions that you wish to reply to simply click on the time stamp and you will be taken directly to that post:



      You'll notice that the Reply link is now on the right side of the screen   Oh, and now there's the Correct Answer button and other helpful side actions (Helpful & Like), yeay!

      Clicking this Reply will bring up the regular editor which includes a link to jump to the advanced editor:


      Below is the advanced editor along with the link that allows you to attach content to the message:



      Hope this helps