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    Trying to reinstall worker node

    Brantley Davis

      I am currently trying to reinstall a worker node in a 2 node cluster. 1 primary, and 1 worker. The components are replicated across both nodes, with at least 1 of every component running on both nodes. When I go to reinstall I follow this guide Reinstall and Configure Worker Node and follow the second section instructions. When I go to delete the worker node and save changes I receive error message stating "**** Error: Node xx.xx.x.xx contains most up-to-date data and is not safe to remove". I am not exactly sure what this is indicating, and was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue.

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          Jeff Strauss

          in an H.A. setup, the data extracts and repository are synced across nodes via the internal File Store process.  Did you stop the T.S. while the sync was running, this could be the cause of your error.  Also, what release are you on?  I think in earlier versions, there were bugs in the File Store running continuous.

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            Brantley Davis

            The syncing process was not running when stopping tableau server, File Store indicated as Active for both nodes. The version I am running is 9.3.3.

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              Glen Robinson

              Hi Brantley

              You should go through the process of decommissioning the file store on the worker to be removed.


              The steps to follow are this.

              1. Restart the cluster so that it is back online

              2. run tabadmin decommission <worker>

              3. Wait. Watch the status screen, and it will tell you when the worker has been decommissioned.

              4. Stop cluster and remove worker, and reinstall, etc

              5. Restart cluster


              See the article you linked to...



              The error message is warning you that there may be Extracts on the worker (being removed) which havent been replicated to all other worker nodes. (there probably arent)

              By doing the tabadmin decommission, you are ensuring that the extracts are copied to other nodes before removing it.


              Hope this helps


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                Glen Robinson

                I think that if you can continue when you receive this warning message, and it will ask if you want to run the decommission process then, but cant guarantee it.


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                  Brantley Davis

                  So after I run a backup of tableau server. I stop the server, run the tabadmin decommission command on the worker node. I get a success message confirming the decommission process. Then go into configuration menu and try and delete, still receiving the same error message.

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                    Glen Robinson

                    Hi Brantley

                    You need to have the Tableau Environment up and running when you run the tabadmin decommission command

                    Steps are

                    1. Ensure Tableau Environment working normally (ie start it up and check all processes are working)

                    2. On the Primary, run the Tabadmin decommission <worker> command (tabadmin should only ever be run on the primary)

                    3. Wait.. Monitor the server status screen, until it tells you the worker has been decommissioned and is ready for removal.

                    4. Then shutdown the cluster, and remove worker





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                      Brantley Davis

                      Followed step by step, but still receiving error message. At this point it might just be faster to do an entire reinstall of tableau server. I appreciate the help though.