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    Doing analyzes directly on the data source?

    . Vasic

      Hi Guys,


      I would like to ask you, if there is an opportunity to do analyzes directly on the data source=


      And if yes, where would the query be executed?


      Thanks a lot,




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          Tom W

          What is the data source?


          I'm not really sure what you mean by "analysis directly on the data source", but for example - it's possible to connect directly a SQL database and perform analysis using a live connection. The query to fetch the data is executed against the source SQL database.

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            Mark Fraser

            Hi Tom


            FYI, English is Stefan's 2nd (maybe even 3rd) language... great answer by the way!


            What is the data source?

            I believe the data source is an SQL database but I'll let Stefan fill you in further...




            You can query directly against the data source/ database, and as Tom mentions, the processing will be done on the database and the results are then passed back to Tableau.

            But... is there data also being written to the data source? If so, you could affect overall performance


            Ideally you would write to data source A, extract data to data source B and then query (from Tableau) against data source B

            The reason? ideally you dont want to read & write to the same data source - think performance, corruption

            And you can configure data source A to be quick for writing, and configure B to be quick for reading


            To increase speed/ performance further, you can extract data source B, and Tableau queries against the optimized extract, you refresh the extract (via Tableau Server) on a schedule < this is what I do.


            Apologies, Tom didn't mean to **** in (i was helping Stefan with something else earlier)!

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              . Vasic

              Hi Tom,


              thank you for reply! As Mark mentioned I meant SQL Databases but you interpreted my question right and gave me an helpful answer! And Marks replay, provided me with additional details.


              Mark Fraser, I don't know what to say, except thanks again! You were so ambitioned and helfpul, that I actually didn't have to wait at all for my answers. Now I have all the information I need for my problems.

              You don't have to apologize, I'm thankful for every reply.


              Again thank you guy's for helping me! I wish you a nice day