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    How to make Table Calculation to work as 'Apply to Worksheet'

    Priyanka Rao



      I am new to Tableau and trying to figure out a way to make a Measure (with Table Cal) when used in Filter on a sheet ... its selections to be applicable on other sheets when put together on a dashboard.



      Sheet 1 -has  a Measure 'Distance' with Great Circle calculation and this measure is pulled in as a filter over a geo map.

      The 'Distance' filter - a slider is used to range distance.

      Sheet 2 with some analysis as a table.

      Sheet 1 and Sheet2 to is to be pulled in on a single dashboard.

      But,  such calc measures cannot be made to 'Apply on worksheet', the 'Distance' slider on Sheet1 is not working on the Sheet2.


      Appreciate any help.