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    H.A. for datasources

    Jeff Strauss

      Toby Erkson   Neelesh Kamkolkar   Matt Coles


      We recently implemented a Netscaler H.A. solution to ensure availability of our Tableau Server should one node go down.  All good stuff.  It's in an active-passive config as this permits seamless signin without having to use Kerberos or SAML.  insights2.cnvrmedia.net now points to the load balancer instead of ord-tbl105.



      Current config (simplified):





      We can seamlessly login to insights2.cnvrmedia.net (which now is ponted at the Netscaler)



      When we download workbooks connected to published datasources, it appears to be tied to one of the specific server nodes.  Is there any server config that you know of that will maintain the parent server so that this is the only one that appears within the underlying XML?  It seems to defeat the purpose if it's always tied to a specific node when republishing.