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    Is it possible to create a calculated field that uses primary and blended dimensions?

    Christopher Amherst

      The setup - two data sources, a primary and a blended source


      Primary source looks like this:
      Proposal ID, Staff ID, Entity ID, Role on Proposal, Proposal Value

      123     456     789     Team Member     $300.00

      012     345     678    Manager     $250.00



      Secondary Blend looks like this:

      Staff ID, Entity ID, Role with Entity

      456     678     Relationship Manager

      345     678     Relationship Helper



      I have a calculated field that identifies "Team Member Credit" successfully.
      (IF [Role on Proposal] = 'Team Member' THEN [Proposal Value] ELSE 0 END;)

      However, I want to update the above formula to include situations where ELSEIF [Secondary Blend.Role with Entity] = ' Relationship Manager' THEN [Proposal Value].
      (Ie. if you're managing the relationship, you get some level of credit)


      (In the blend, Primary is linked to secondary on the Entity ID)

      Can a calculated field include primary and blended dimensions?
      (Or do I need to create two formulas and then sum them together?)