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    Problem with mark labels showing up on map on Tableau Public

    Robert Tufts



      I'm using Tableau professional (9.3.5) to publish a dataviz to Tableau Public.  There is a map at the top of the viz (it takes up about 2/3 of the size) with a dot mark for each country and I formatted the label to show in the middle of the mark (i.e. a dot with a number in the middle for each country).


      When I view the map on the dashboard tab it shows all the numbers inside of all my marks.  When I load it to Tableau Public there are several countries on the right side of the map (China, Japan, etc) that are missing the labels from the marks.  I have turned on the show overlap marks option.  When I shift the map slightly on the Tableau Public site the numbers suddenly appear (they also show when the viz is showing, but once the viz loads, the labels disappear).


      Any thoughts on what is causing this to happen and what I can do to fix it?