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    Dashboard actions and "all" filters


      Hello Tableau Community,


      I'm quite new to Tableau and I've been working on some visualisations for a data set on refugee education by host country. I've been running into a few technical problems and am looking for some direction.

      To start off, here is a screen shot of my cleared dashboard, I created an action so that when there is no country selected the rest of the dashboard is blank. I want to keep the "all" option in my filter so that I can have the population circles for all of the countries showing at the same time.


      Dashboard clear1.pngI would like the selection of a country in the dropdown filter to bring up all of the other sheets in the dashboard, however right now, it just isolates the population circle on the map (see below) this means the user must select a country from the drop down menu and then click the circle for the rest of the dashboard to fill in.

      Double click.jpgIs there a way that I can have the "all" option in the dropdown menu show all of the population circles on the map and have the dropdown menu fill in the rest of the dashboard without having to click on the corresponding circle beforehand? I don't want the dashboard filter to show "all" for the other sheets in the dashboard as there is too much information.


      Second question, when I have "all" selected in the dropdown menu I would like the total population for all countries to show up (see below) right now it is blank and only fills in with the population for the selected country.

      Overall total.jpgAn example of full dashboard when a country is selected, in this case Ethiopia:

      Dashboard select.jpg


      Here is the link to my dashboard if you would like to explore it a bit and get a better idea of what I'm asking: https://public.tableau.com/views/Book4_2488/UNHCR?:embed=y&:display_count=yes


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Suggestions and ideas for making it more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing are also welcome!


      Many thanks,