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    Date wont sort properly

    Gilberto Diaz

      I have a date field that is a string like so: 201612011400 (yyyymmddhhmm). I create a calculated field to split the string and create a date field.



      and so on....

      After that I combine all the strings into one calculated field to create my date like so:


      Then I right click the new calculated field and change the data type for date. So far so good.

      I notice that my dates are not in order and I cant figure out how to sort them:


      customer   | date |

      customer1 | December 31, 2015

                          May 27, 2015

                          March 21, 2016

      customer2 | November 22, 2015

                          November 4, 2015

                          January 9, 2015

                          September 15, 2015


      What I have done so far:

           - quick sort

           - click field pull down; then sort; and play with the sort window options


      Any clue of what might be the problem?