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    X's Instead of Images

    Doug Crow

      Hello all.  I have created a dashboard with images as links to navigate between different dashboards.  Everything works fine on my PC, and on serveral others.  However, on one PC, when he opens the Dashboard, he only sees X's instead of images.  The links still work, however the image is gone in place of a big X.  Any recommendations on what he needs to do to see the images would be much appreciated.   

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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Doug


          Workbooks often reference external resources.If you want to share your workbook with someone who does not have access to the referenced resources or Tableau Server, you can save and then send them the packaged workbook instead. A packaged workbook (.twbx) contains a Tableau workbook,and it may contain one or more of the following local files:


          Background images and Custom shapes


          The next time you open the workbook, the views are automatically updated with any changes that may have occurred to the data and images.


          File > Save As->Tableau Packaged Workbooks


          The default location is the Workbooks folder of the Tableau repository. However, you can save packaged workbooks to any directory you choose.

          The following files are included in packaged workbooks:


          •     Excel Files
          •     Text Files
          •     Tableau Data Extract Files
          •     Background Image Files
          •     Custom Geocoding



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