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    Summary & Detail with subtotals, grand totals, and table calculations

    Sam Fleisher



      I would like to request advice and help - I am trying to create an "excel" like report in tableau.  I have almost everything I need except the subtotals, grandtotals, and 1 calculation arent functioning properly.


      Attached is a sample data set as well as the two types of summaries I am trying to make.  Basically, I need to show capacity, fill rate, and customer data disaggregated at the highest (company-level) aggregation as well as event-level details and subtotals by location.  Some issues I'm having are the subtotals for location show a weighted average of the % fill due to the capacity not being an aggregated field vs. total customers that is sum(customer_id).  I use an avg(capacity) which works on a row level for each event_id but not at location or region or company level.


      thanks so much!