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    Calculated field with measure values

    Somok Sarkar

      Hello Friends,


      Today I am experiencing a problem which I have tried to replicate in a sample file.


      We have the data hierarchy as Country - > State -> District

      as per the attached file I have selected the below dimension


      Selected State = Andhra Pradesh.

      Selected District(1) = Adilabad

      Selected District(2) = Kurnool

      Selected District(3) = Cuddapah


      Now as per the requirement for the measure values if the District Avg/sum/count is less than the State Avg/sum/count

      then the text color should be Red. Else Green.


      So for the first measure i.e. No of Beds. Adilabad and Kurnool's count should be in green color and for Cuddapah its Red as its below the state (Andhra Pradesh ) avg.