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    Create a Custom Table in Tableau

    Sean Yao

      Hello Tableau Community, I am wondering how to create a custom table similar to this:


      Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 10.06.36 AM.png


      Where the text in first two columns is manually entered and static and the remaining columns 3-5 are derived using a formula with the underlying data source.  Also, the headers in the table are manually entered and static too.


      Is this possible in tableau?  I know this is more of an excel-type table but it would be really great to be able to do this in tableau so that we can make one dashboard for the client with all the elements needed.  Thank you very much for taking the time to read and provide insight!



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          Joe Oppelt

          People make that kind of table all the time.  Attached is an example (V 9.3) from the previous question I looked at.


          I'm concerned about your statement about manual entry.  There is no provision for manual entry of data in Tableau.

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            Michael Hesser

            Hello Sean;

            I'll anxiously watch to see what others have to say, however my work with Tableau has shown me that the manual entering of data is difficult. User interaction is usually limited to filters and parameters.


            If I understand you correctly, I think your best bet would be an Excel worksheet (or Access form) for the data entry, feeding into Tableau for display,


            I'm a flag-waving Tableau user: and while Tableau rocks when it comes to visual analytics, if you're not using this strength, another platform might be a better option.


            Good Luck!