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    Sending emails

    Naveen Kuche



      Please suggest me how to send the reports to other than tableau users (their Email inbox)


      Thanks & Regards,



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          Tharashasank Davuluru

          Hi Naveen,


          Do you want  more people to consume or access the tableau content without the licenses what you have right? Is this what you want?


          Tableau Reader: Use this to consume a twbx you've created with Tableau Desktop or exported from Tableau Server. It'll be up to you to distribute the twbx file.


          Screenshot: Export a dashboard as an image, and send that around. Of course, it's completely non-interactive and you'll have to roll your own batch files to do the exporting and emailing.


          Tableau Server  does have a subscription feature in which reports can be emailed, but this won't help you as you need to be a licensed user to take advantage of it.

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            Stephane Marx


            As suggested above asking your email recipients to download Tableau reader is probably the solution for you.
            If they do not have a direct access to the data source you're using in the workbook, consider sending a packaged workbook.