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    Pop up windows in Tableau

    nameeta naik



      I need to have a pop up window in my Tableau dashboard and the maximum that I could achieve this, is by creating a sheet and applying a filter action on the same with exclude all values selected.

      I made this page short on height and width and placed on top of another sheet on my dashboard. However, it does not look like a typical pop up window as the background sheet still remains clickable and there is close button on my pop up sheet to close it.


      Is there any better way of making my pop up sheet look like an actual pop up window with a thick only outer border and disabling the background sheet and having a "x" icon ?

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          Joshua Milligan

          What do you want the pop-up to do?  What's your use case?  I'm not sure you can get the "traditional" pop-up (without publishing to Tableau Server and using the JavaScript API), but maybe there's another way to meet your goals.



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            nameeta naik

            Hi Joshua,


            I need a pop window to view related details of and account id.

            I have a main sheet in which I am populating the account ids and other details in a tabular format.

            I want this pop up window to open on click of the account id with related data.

            I have created a filter action for the linking the account id field and selecting exclude all values.


            However it does not really look like a pop up window.

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              Joshua Milligan



              I see what you are getting at.  It's definitely not going to be like a modal dialog box.  But here's a thought -- you could create this as a separate dashboard and then navigate between the two.  That way, the details dashboard is what the user sees / interacts with, until they are ready to go back to the original dashboard.