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    Assistance required with “Weekday Date and Time Sorting”

    LanceCM Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with sorting out my “Weekday Date and Time Order”


      With reference to the attached Workbook, I have sorted all Column pills on “Descending” (it did not work)



      Date and Time stamp of “First event on Sunday” (Ref Data Source)

      Date and Time stamp of “Last event on Tuesday” (Ref Data Source)


      • For some reason my date data is scrambled (Sunday, Tuesday, Monday) ??
      • The Time seems to be correct



      • I need the date data to read most current on the Left, therefore Tuesday, Monday and Sunday (Latest to oldest - Left to Right)
      • Time needs to follow the same logic, most current on the Left moving off to the right as it gets older relative to the day


      Any guidance will be most appreciated,




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          Ashish Chaudhari

          Hi Lance,


          This has happened due to your date above are in discrete mode. Discrete means they are not acting as a actual date but as text label. Thus they won't be get sorted automatically.


          I have just created a sample view using your event data. Take a look at picture below. Dates are well sorted in with respect to seconds, minutes , hour and etc....


          Steps 1


          Output will be


          Then keep on adding it and break it to the next level as below. (You will have to add the Event dates 8-9 times and break it to next level. Use Ctrl + Left Click to duplicate the pill) like below.


          Then go to show me and select the first option which will give you the sorted options.


          See the output below in all sorted format.


          I will request you to do the above thing and recreate the your chart since after selecting first option from show me everything goes haywire which you will have to sort it out again. Instead creating the chart again will be a easier choice.


          Let me know if you have any further query about this. Please find the attached sheet to know more about getting this thing sorted. I have already arranged the stuff as above. You just need to click on Show me and select the first option to understand how this works.


          Thanks and Regards,

          Ashish Chaudhari

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            LanceCM Martens

            Hi Ashish,


            I introduced the date range changes as you suggested,


            Cheers! you again introduced me to a Tableau function I was unaware of.


            The workbook is now 99% there mate!



            With reference to sheet: #2 PRS Operators (New AC date format)

            Only assistance required with one issue:

            • I am unable to introduce a Weekday measure, (Monday, Tuesday……) above the actual day date (Eg: 10/8, I would like to have Wednesday represented as well, and same for the other weekdays)


            The latest workbook is attached