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    Proportional Layout?

    Mary Kerrigan

      I have a dashboard with eight sheets.  The users will be looking at this with the Reader.  I would like to lay it out like this (colors are for demonstration purposes).  I want the size range to be minimum 1200 x 600 and maximum 2400 x 1200.  When I look at this blank dashboard at different screen sizes, it resizes proportionately really well.

      The problem begins when I actually put sheets in these layout containers.  Then when the dashboard is viewed at different screen sizes, it no longer grows proportionally.  For example, the blue section in the middle is longer and the beige section underneath it is squished.  I want the containers to keep their proportions in spite of the content of the sheets.  Is there a way to do this?  I have attached this sample workbook.  Thanks so much in advance.

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          Hello Mary,


          I assume your "proportional" mean "aspect ratio".

          I'm afraid settings for aspect ratio is not available in Tableau Desktop.


          For example, with dashboard range setting in your sample workbook,

          width changes from 1200 to 2400

          height changes from 600 to 1200

          But there's no proportional limitation on them.


          Both on dashboard level and container level, there's no ratio setting for auto size.




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            Mary Kerrigan

            The workbook that I attached with the original post behaves as I want it to.  When I put the sheets in the layout containers, they don’t maintain the aspect ratio.  Why does it work with empty containers but not with sheets inserted?  I will not pursue this further but it just seems like if I can get the empty containers to do what I want, they should do the same when they are filled.

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              Hello Mary,


              My advice is to replace the blank containers with worksheets,

              instead of putting the worksheets into the containers.


              In the attached sample, the worksheets behavior similar to the previous blank containers.




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                Mary Kerrigan

                No they don't, because Sheet 2 grows when you stretch the screen but Sheet 5 does not.  I want Sheet 2 and Sheet 5 to be the same proportion - I want each sheet to take up exactly half of its container.  The four sheets at the right side behave properly.


                I am giving up on the idea of an adjustable layout for now.  Thanks so much for your help.