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    Make hyperlink for 1 by 1 row

    Duong Vu

      Dear all

      now I am making file show control comment of GD.

      No     Comment     Date                    Status

      1          xxxx             1/1/20116          Doing

      2          xxxx             1/2/2016               Finish


      I want 1 row I can link to 1 file.

      and this show will change when we have change filter ( ex : we show only doing )

      this link is not change.


      at this time , I already make hyperlink , by use action/  ...

      but i can't setup for 1 by 1 row 1 hyperlink. 1 hyperlink apply for all row


      So can you help me for this issue ?


      thank so much.

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          Tom W

          Action Filters apply to the row.


          Please share a Tableau Packaged Workbook showing what the problem is.

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            Duong Vu

            Dear Mr. Tom W

            I am sorry that I can't share tableau package, because my computer was block for send file out side.

            but how can I make this, because I also make action filter , but can't apply for 1 by 1 row.



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              Tom W


              If you follow these instructions you will literally have an action filter which applies to the individual row - URL Actions


              It works for me as described in this quick example:


              If I click on a row item for kangaroo, it opens a google search.


              In the absence of workbook you're going to need to provide screenshots and a detailed walkthrough explaining how you're creating your action filter.

              Failing that, perhaps contacting Tableau Support is your best bet as you may be able to get a file to them easier?

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                Duong Vu

                Dear Mr. Tom w

                i know this way, but when u have 3 row, u will have 3 link, so that i make follow u to setup 3 link.

                when i click row 1 , it also show 3 link, not only 1 link for this row.

                normal i make by power point, add 1 link to 1 row, it is easy, but not apply to Tableau , i don't know how to do, ^^

                can you support me ?


                thank so much.

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                  Tom W


                  The steps above only show one link on each row, not three.


                  I'm sorry, I'm not understanding what you need. You will need to post an example in order for me to understand what you need.

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                    Amy Forstrom

                    Hi Duong,


                    Are you saying that you want to be able to set the hyperlink value distinctly for each row, one row at a time?  Tableau doesn't support setting a URL Action for a row independent of other rows.  However, if you store the URL for each row in your data source table, you can display the column value, and thus it will be specific to each record, as if you set them one at a time.


                    In the following example data source, there is a Link Column value that is unique for each row.  There is even a blank one.

                    The "Link Column" can be used to specific the URL.


                    Hope this helps.




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