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    Adjusting The View of a Visualization

    David Guzman

      Hi All,


      I have another question and hope anyone can help. On the Attached Workbook, I have two data lines overlapping. The lines are suppose to compare current month and previous Sales at a day level.

      Since there is a different number of days in a month, I just made a metric that compares it the current Sales number with one that was 31 days before (for simplicity).

      My biggest task is that I would like to resolve is having the ability to hide any data that does not have an overlapping correspondent. I have created a Parameter that allows the user to chose the month they want to see and a "Window Max" measure that truncates the axis accordingly.

      The issue that I am running into is that when I place the filter, it messes up with my data for the "Previous Month Sales" measure.


      I believe the solution is associated in using LoDs but I am not too familar with the concept. Can someone help me?


      Thanks in advance,



      (Workbook is in vs 9.3)