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    Cohort Analysis - LOD

    Nishanth Reddy

      Hello :


      I've snapshot of my employee data for every month. 'Headcount'=1, indicates that a particular employee is in the payroll for that month. 'HireCount'=1 indicates that a particular analysis is hired that month and 'TermCount'=1 indicates that an employee is terminated that month. I've a date column for all payroll periods. I want to cohort analysis on my employee data( want to see number of months it took for employees hired in a particular month to terminate. for eg., I've hired 5 people this month and an employee has quit 1month after hire, 2 months after hire and so on..).


      I'm using DATEDIFF('month',[Hist Eom Dt] ([Head Cnt]=1),[Hist Eom Dt]([Term Cnt]=1)) to find the difference b/w the num of months of terminate to hire. I know the LOD is incorrect. Please let me know how do I do this calc