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    Syntax help:  Re: 'And' functions in 'If' statements

    Nhung Nguyen

      Could you possibly check this for me? i try so many ways but it is not working:

      IF [Work Type]="MAT" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>= 132.5 THEN "GOOD" ELSE "BAD" END

      IF ([Work Type]="GYP" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>= 8.75 THEN "GOOD" ELSE "BAD" END

      IF ([Work Type]="WP" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>= 31.25 THEN "GOOD" ELSE "BAD" END

      IF ([Work Type]="ELC" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>= 31.25 THEN "GOOD" ELSE "BAD" END


      and then I tried this :

      IIF([Work Type]="MAT" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>= 132.5, "GOOD", "BAD")

      IIF([Work Type]="GYP" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>=8.75, "GOOD" , "BAD")

      IIF([Work Type]="WP" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>=31.25, "GOOD", "BAD")

      IIF([Work Type]="ELC" AND [Prod/hrs by week]>=31.25, "GOOD", "BAD")


      Thank you so much in advance!


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