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    Eliran Epshtein

      Hi Everyone,


      I created a string parameter with 4 values: a ,b ,c ,compare b and c.

      Then I created a calculated field that is controlled by the parameter:

      IF [Parameter1]="a" THEN [a]

      ELSEIF [Parameter1]="b" THEN [b]

      ELSEIF [Parameter1]="c" THEN [c]

      ELSEIF [Parameter1]="compare b and c" THEN ???




      Is there a way to show both measurements b and c on the my chart while choosing the 4th option?

      ***I also tried to use measure names as a "multiple values" filter. Yet, since I have too many measures, it looks messy (I couldn't just show the required 4 measures on my filter to choose from).


      Thanks in advance for your help and time,