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    dashboard action drilldown on 2 blending data source

    April Li

      Hi almighty forum,

      do help me with this question on using dashboard on 2 blended data source.

      I wanted to use Channel 2 from Location Sales to Control what shows on Monthly sales chart.


      I have 3 excel data sources, and used the key words (channel 1=channel 2, product1=product 2) to blend the data source.

      Then I created a map using location sales data and wanted to use map region select function to drill down to regional sales.

      So I put monthly sales with SKU and channel combination chart below, and created the actions to control it.


      However, the linkage is not set up properly. How do I do it?


      ExcelDetailsKey Words
      1Monthly sales with SKU and channel combinationProduct & Channel
      2Product SalesProduct
      3Location SalesChannel