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    Active user Traking informatrion in Tableau

    Abhishek Bhargava

      Hi All,

      I am trying to create a dashboard that show Active user/min and their activity details on Tableau server .

      Can anyone pls help me to create this report?

      What field I need to select for this I am trying to create this report from Tableau repository.

      We can Check this details from 'Recently active user' tab from browser application but I am looking for those objects/field that were used to create the tableau front-end dashboard.

      Kindly assist me.




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          Matt Coles

          You will want the historical_events table, then left-join the other hist_* tables, and the historical_event_types table. This will show you actions over time by all users. It is not a complete picture of everything that a user or the system could possibly do, but it's fairly complete.

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            Manoranjan Singh

            You need to use table historical_events,  Historical_event_types, Hist_users, Hist_viws, Hist_Workbook, _users.

            Inner join between:
                                   historical_events &  Historical_event_types

                                  historical_events &  Hist_users

                                  historical_events &  Hist_viws

                                  historical_events &  Hist_Workbook

                                  Hist_Users & _users

            By using these tables you can get details of the users accessing the view along with the time when it was accessed.

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