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    Tableau Migration

    Manigandan Arumugam



      I am planning to upgrade the Tableau server from 8.3 to 9.x. We are gonna change the server completely, so there will be a change in domain name. My question is when i am taking a back up from the old server and restore it in a new one which has a upgraded version of tableau server but with a different URL. Am i gonna face any issue while doing this? Do i need to take care of something while doing this process. All your anwers will be apprecialted.I beleive that this is not a silly question

      FYI: i am new to tableau server

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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Manigandan

          I have a few questions about your migration, which will affect your migration

          1. You say that you are changing Domain Names. Is this just the Tableau Server? Are your users using AD authentication of Local Authentication? If AD authentication, do the domains have a trust relationship?

          2. Are you looking to change the URL that or users are connecting to? If so, you will need to inform them of the change. Also any Dashboards that use URL actions to the old URL will need to be updated.

          3.Have you looked at the performance of your environment? Moving to 9.x from 8.x can put additional strain on your Tableau environment, which can decrease performance. Therefore you may require additional server resources (CPU and Memory). This should be tested before you migrate


          Hope this helps



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            Manigandan Arumugam

            1)There is gonna be a change in URLs. AD.

            2. How to do this? what do you mean by URL actions? yes, i will update them once the migration is done.

            3.Yes. we have made necessasry changes.



            I am worried about the change in URL.

            In simple words,

            Right now we are using http:/abcd.com/ to connect to the server, but going forward we cannot use this URL and we are changing to a different URL http:/defg.com/. So what are the things i need to consider while migrating? also Suggest me the best way for migration. (Taking a back up and Restoring or Import\Export)

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              Glen Robinson


              1. Please can you clarify?  Are you only changing the DNS name of your Tableau Server during the migration (from abcd.com to defg.com)? . Is everything else staying the same?


              2. Please see article on URL Actions.

              URL Actions

              In essence they are a way to move from one dashboard to another location (including other dashboards). For connecting to other dashboards, they use URL of the server, so if you change the DNS address of your tableau server, you will need to update the Workbooks to reflect this.


              If it is just a DNS change during migration, I would do the following.

              1. Build out new server, and environment, using new DNS address.

              2. Backup old Tableau server, and restore to new environment (using tabadmin restore <filename> --no-config)

              3. Get end users / power users / managers / anyone who cares about your tableau environment to test the new server, and sign off that they have tested.

              4. Pick a date for Go live to new server.

              5. On Go live, Complete a final backup, and restore to new server (as per point 2)

              6. Stop Tableau on old server, and ensure everyone is pointing to new server.

              7. Wait.

              8. Ensure all is working as expected on your new environment. If all good you can decommission old server. If there is a problem, decide on whether to rollback or try to fix issue.

              9. Start planning to migrate to Tableau 10 when this is released.


              Hope this helps


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                Manigandan Arumugam

                Hi Glen,


                I really appreciate your help in this. I'm almost there. In our current server we have three divisions together(x,y,z) in a single server. Our new plan is to split it and to have a seperate server for (x,y,z). So x is going to retain the old URL. So we are moving Y and Z to a seperate server. All the content in Y and Z are going to be the same in new URL. So, If the URL is gonna change, what changes do i need to make so that it will get reflected in the dashboards?. Just proving the new URL to the users is enough?

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                  Glen Robinson


                  Are your 3 divisions in different Sites (ie Site x for X, Site Y for y, etc)

                  If so then an export / import would work for only the sites to be migrated.

                  Or backup / restore to new server, and delete the site that isnt to be moved on the new server.


                  Regarding Workbooks, and changes to be made.

                  Please review the article. You will need to ensure that any dashboards that have URL actions that point to other dashboards on that server have the new server name in the URL.

                  For instance. Dashboard X has URL action which links to http://abcd.com/dashboard_Y. If this dashboard is moving to https://efgh.com/dashboard_Y then the action isnt going to work because the link will be dead. Therefore the dashboard will need to be updated to point to the new location.

                  If you dont have any of these, then you should be ok


                  Hope this helps