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    syntax error for simple cusom sql join with .csv files

    Baron Medenwald

      I'm trying to add a few columns from one data source to another (I've tried the full join & data blending - both of those seemed to cause other complications that I'm hoping this join will erase) and am getting an odd error message.  Here's the code I'm using:


      select *
      from [d_nuc_002_crt_open_rebuttal_aging.csv]


          [Acquisition_Book_Category] as [Acquisition Group],
      from [d_nuc_002_repurchase_osdet.csv]

      on ([d_nuc_002_crt_open_rebuttal_aging.csv].[ln_id]=[d_nuc_002_repurchase_osdet.csv].[ln_id])


      Both of the select statements work independently.  When I combine them and add the left join I get the following error:

      Microsoft JET database error 0x80004005: Syntax error in FROM clause.


      Would love some feedback on what the issue is.

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