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    Issue using "Back" buttons for dashboard navigation

    Graham Lloyd

      Hi there!


      Have been researching different options for navigation through multiple levels of dashboards and have built a solution using a combination of action filters, a random number generator (credit:- Josh Milligan!) and a discrete dimension 'incrementor' value which I found someone trying to do something similar (again thanks to Josh for the Never Ending Navigation post). The reason I haven't fully utilised Josh's "Never Ending Navigation" technique is that my users don't want to click a button, but want to utilise standard action filters and click on the number in the white circle (in the sample I have provided).


      Here's my problem. I have a top level dashboard that has multiple levels to drill down to across multiple data sources. Probably worth noting up front that the screenshots and attachment are from a mock up using the sample data as I can't post real data. In reality there are 15 sub levels across different data sources. (Just to avoid any confusion!)


      On the lower level dashboard, I have put a "backwards" worksheet in the top left which has shape based on  the 'increment' numeric dimension value.

      As the user navigates down and back up the dashboards, I don't want the "back" button to remain selected so it requires the user to de-select and select again which it does by default. I've partially achieved this by passing a random value I generate down from the Top Level dashboard down to the "Increment Value" (Increment_ID) in the lower level via an action filter. This works to a point as depending on which "white circle" you click on, a different value is passed down to the lower level

      There is two issues that I can't think of a way to easily solve.


      1) If I click the "Furniture" white circle, and then "Back" to the top, "Furniture" is still selected. Ideally it would go back to having nothing selected. Can anyone think of a way to achieve this?

      2) If after manually de-selecting "Furniture" and select it again to drill back down to the lower detail, as the same "random" value is being passed, the back button is still selected from the previous click. I think I need to pass a value from "backwards" back up to the top level to change the "random" value but as that is a calculated measure that is not an option.


      Have attached sample packaged workbook.


      Kind regards