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    Conditionally format values with varying decimal levels

    Kurt Heisler

      I have data showing data on various indicators, often by subgroups (like performance by ***, race, etc.). All of the values are stored in a single field called Value. Some of the original values have no decimals, some have 1, and some have 2.


      The underlying data look like:


      I'd like to create a table like below that shows the values with their actual value (i.e., down to the decimal level and not rounded). Obviously, I can apply only one format to Values at a time.



      How can I conditionally format these based on the level of decimals stored in the underlying data?


      In the underlying data, I did add variables for DataFormat (Number, Percent) and Decimal (0,1, or 2). I'm okay not showing "%s" for the Percents if that's too tricky, so maybe the Decimal field is all that's needed.


      The solution I've come up with in a similar situation is to use a calculated field that returns a string, [Value2 Format % or N], in place of Value.


      Value2 Format % or N:


      IF attr([DataFormat]) <> "Number"

      THEN str(int(mid(str(round(min([Value2]),3)),3,2))) + "." + str(int(mid(str(round(min([Value2]),3)),5,1))) + "%" else str(round(min([Value2]),0))



      But in this case I think need something like:


      IF attr([Decimals]) = 0

      THEN // show original values, and format number with commas in thousands place (e.g., "1,000")

      IF attr([Decimals]) = 1

      THEN // show original values, and format with one decimal (e.g., "92.6")

      IF attr([Decimals]) = 2

      THEN // show original values, and format with two decimals (e.g., "60.75")



      Any suggestions? Thank you.