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    Quick filters on sheets built using different datasource but one dashboard

    Vishal D

      I have HANA View 1 as a datasource

      I have HANA View 2 as another datasource


      I have to create 1 dashboard which has worsksheets built on both HANA Views


      I currently dont have both the DS linked.


      Both the HANA Views have data which is very different but what I want is quick filter on dashboard that should be applied to all worksheets using both the datasource


      Quick Filter 1 - 'Report Year' = [2013,2014,2015,2016] from Data source 1 when selected by user on dashboard should also be applied to sheets built using datasource 2(I have same field 'Report Year' = [2013,2014,2015,2016] in Data source 2 also available).


      When I try 'Apply to worksheets' when working on DS1 it does not show sheets build on DS2


      How do I achieve this?