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    How to show gaps in timelines for NULL value years

    Harpreet Ghuman

      Hi there!


      I have a simple problem. Say I have a timeline data of a team's performance in the leagues. I have the team's ranks over the years in the league but there have been some years when the team was not in the league (relegated). When I plot the ranks of the team over the years, I want there to be a gap for that year but by default the line drawn by tableau connects the rank points across years even if there has been a gap in between.

      Basically if ranks were as follow -


      2014 - 15th

      2015 - relegated (null entry)

      2016 - 14th


      The line drawn by default by Tableau will connect the 15th spot point in 2014 directly to the 14th spot point in 2016, passing over the 2015 years, while I would like the line to END at the 15th spot point in 2014 and a NEW line to start at the 14th spot point in 2016.

      Some suggestions please?

      Thanks in advance!