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    Filtering by a set (dynamicly by using a parameter)

    Peter Lustig

      Hello Community

      My Problem: I use a set to filter several items according to, lets say, market share of xy. Further, I created a parameter that lets the user choose a certain minimum percentage of market share for this set to contain.
      However, the filter does not work correctly. When I set the parameter to 40%, items that have 42% market share do not appear on my view. They only appear until the 40% level. (this happens as well for other combinations like 85 and 87


      Does anyone have a solution for that problem? For details, see below:

      Set is caculated: Market share XY > Parameter A


      Parameter A: is a float going from 0 to 1 using 0,01 steps


      Market share XY is a calculated field: sum(products by XY)/sum(total products)


      Thank you very much for your support