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    Is there a way to use data table headers as a color key?

    Sarah McGraw

      Hello everyone,


      I'm new to Tableau and still struggling to understand all my dashboard formatting options.


      I have created my first dashboard, a simple one, as you can see, and I seem to be facing a choice between functionality and design.


      In the link, you can see that I have placed the color key to the left of the table so that it does double duty as row labels. However, this means that if a user sorts the table, the labels no longer align with the contents of the table, which is potentially very misleading.


      Ideally, I'd like to somehow place the colors into the table headers (could be the text color, background, or a little box like the key) so that the labels sort along with the data. It would also be okay if I could just prevent sorting on the table.


      Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to do either of these things. I can put the data on the color tab, but that colors the whole table, which 1) makes the targets unreadable and 2) seems way too busy anyway. The color scheme is not up to me, so I can't just choose a brighter color for the target data.


      I would really rather not add the color legend elsewhere, as it seems redundant.


      Any ideas?