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    Change Tableau Workbook from Version 9.3 to Previous Versions

    Diego Domenech

      Hello My Fellow Tableau-ers,


      This is my first real post on here, although i have used the community forums as a lifeline since day one of my Tableau experience. today I am posting about rolling back the version of Tableau to allow you to open, edit, change workbooks created on 9.3 in previous versions of desktop.


      There had been a previous discussion on this, but there has been a major change in terms of how to do this. Mainly there is an extra step that you need to do to get it to work. Previously you just opened your file with a file reader like Notepad++ and you changed the lines where it said version=9.3 to version=9.2 or whatever your version was.


      Here is the step by step on how to do it:


      1. Save your workbook as a ".twb" if you save it as a ".twbx" it wont work because you will have all the data info in xml format and it just looks like gibberish.
      2. Open the file with your favorite text editing tool, personally I prefer Notepad++ because its free, small, and very easy to use.
      3. You will have a file that looks like this:
      4. There are several line with the text "version='9.3'" wherever you see this change it to "version='9.2"' if you're going to version 9.2
      5. Here is where things are different. there is an extra line that did not used to be in 9.2 that reads "<workbook source-build='9.3.4 (9300.16.0708.1543)'" if you do not change this line the previous methods will not work
      6. Get your desktop version and build number by opening Tableau Desktop and going to Help>About Tableau. Write it down or memorize it.
      7. Back in Notepad++ change the line that says "<workbook source-build='9.3.4 (9300.16.0708.1543)'" to whatever your version and build are.
      8. Save the file under a new name to avoid problems if it doesn't work, and save it as a ".twb"
      9. Open it in the version of Tableau desktop that you changed it to.


      NOTE: I am not sure of the loss of functionality of certain things when you do this. If there was something new that you used in 9.3 that was not in 9.2 or earlier it will mess up your file. Make sure you check that everything is working as it should. So far i have not had any problems with this. The other solution is to upgrade your server to the same version as your desktop...but this will be helpful if someone sends you a 9.3 file and you need to open it i 9.2 or earlier.