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    Tableau color palette assignment

    Mike Burke

      Idea: assign a grouping dimension to the color palette


      It'd be nice to see the color palette reset per manager, that way, when you look at the a single manager you don't see the same colors.  This has to be resolved manually by clicking into each manager and reassigning the color palette. An easier solution would be the ability to select a grouping dimension that resets the color assignments.  I always run into an issue that's demo'd in the attached; I set the colors by rep, but then when you just look at a single manager some of them were randomly assigned reps with the same color. The attached demonstrates this with a tree map, but I have similar use cases when assigning colors by region/territory on a map.

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          Steve Burger



          You might consider submitting this as a product feature idea so that others can vote-it-up and our devs might consider including it in a future release.  Look for the 'Ideas' tab in the upper right of this page, to the right of 'Tableau Community'.


          Now, you might not currently be able to assign a different color palette to each manager, but I've attached an example where the color palette is applied to each manager, by Associate and restarts at each manager. So you have different shades of orange for each employee under a manager.  I've accomplished this by using an Index table calculation that applies a value(or Rank) for each Associate, restarting each manager, and assigns a continuous color palette on that aggregated index value.


          Feel free to reverse engineer.  If you found this helpful, or it does answer your question, please mark it as such so that others can find it quickly.


          P.S. I updated this in version 9.3.5, so if you haven't upgraded you might not be able to open the workbook.




          Steve Burger

          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor

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            Mike Burke

            Hi Steve,


            Great idea.  We are using SSAS so we're limited on what can be done within Tableau, but this might be something we incorporate into the model for this very purpose.  That's part of the reason I am hoping it's something Tableau considers in a future release.  I also posted this in the ideas section: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/6516 .  I wasn't sure where to put it, so I took a shotgun approach.


            Thanks for the help,


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              Bron Bright

              Have there been any updates on this topic? It would be really nice not to have to manually go in and reassign colors to make this work. I am using Tableau 20 color palette for over 150 facility selections so a Tableau solution to this would be huge.