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    Hierarchical piechart with one dimension

    Nellie Rajarova

      Hi I have a dataset with 6 variables (X1,X2,X3,X4,X5,X6) and 3 calculations Sum1 =f(X1,X2) , Sum2 =g(x3,X4), Sum3 = h(X5,X6)

      I was able to create a piechart for the values Sum1,sum2,Sum3. I want to be able to drill down to the components.

      Like for example if I click sum1 , I can see the piechart with X1 and X2. Any help or suggestion in this direction is really appreciated. I can create a separate sheet with the values of X1 and X2

      but would like to know if we can drill down to the components in the same plot.