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    Do not understand Tableau's Data Relationship logic

    Brian Jans

      I have several data sources, one is client based, another is transaction and date based. I set up a data relationship with the transactions to the client data source via Account ID and Product ID . When I start building a grid I use Transaction Date (month) and pull in Transaction ID as a Count, 90+% of the values are going into Month * row. If I pull these data sources into SQL and use a left outer join I get the correct values for each month.


      The reason I'm not joining them together first then passing it into Tableau is because I am building a report using the client data source as my "source" data source because I am trying to build out a dashboard with multiple data sources and using the client data as the main connection allows me to filter across the entire dashboard using just a handful of filters.



      For the life of me I can't understand what Tableau is doing with the client and transaction data to cause almost all the entries to go into a * row. Has anyone else had this issue?